About The Gallery

YSP Gallery

YSP Gallery, founded in 2002, first opened on Madison Avenue under its original name Gallery Pahk with the objective of exhibiting fine art Korean Ceramic of the highest caliber to new audiences in New York City. In 2017, we relocated to 175 10th Avenue in Chelsea and reopened under the name YSP Gallery.

We hold exclusive representation over Young Sook Park who has dedicated her life to recapturing lost ceramic methods and techniques of the Chosen Dynasty, infusing these traditional practices with her own contemporary sensibilities. She has been exhibited widely in both museums and galleries throughout the world and her works can be found in major international collections, including British Museum of Art and Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, CA.

YSP Gallery’s main objective is to showcase the incredible legacy of Young Sook Park, and to exhibit her clay works in concert and collaboration with artists whose artistic processes mirror the steadfast dedication and raw-talent of Ms. Park. Our first exhibition in our new location, which opened in September of 2017, included never before seen collaborative works by Ufan Lee and Young Sook Park; Lee used Park’s White Porcelain as canvas, employing cobalt and iron glazes to illustrate his iconic brush strokes across her striking, pristine forms.

Ms. Park, widely recognized as the premiere contemporary artist working in the Korean tradition of white porcelain and earthenware clay, has ushered in a new era for ceramics, and YSP Gallery is excited to share her work and her process with new audiences in the Western World.